E.M. Pöllmann, 1969, 3/4 Busetto Model - $20,000

ex Tyrone Brown

Tyrone Brown is a well known bassist and composer. He has played and recorded with many legendary musicians such as Max Roach, Grover Washington Jr., Pat Martino, and others. This is Mr. Brown's Pollmann bass and it can be heard on many of the recordings he has made with these artists. The instrument has a lush depth of sound with a strong fundamental and good projection. It has a 40.5" string length and comes with a Realist pickup and a padded bag. You can hear it on Gary Karr and Tyrone Brown's latest CD "Bass Brothers". It is available at the ISB and Lemur Music.

From the CD "Bass Brothers"

Cloud Flowers (formations in the sky)

Fine out more about Tyrone Brown on his web site - http://dreamboxmedia.com/tyronebrown.htm

Here are a couple of Youtube clips with Tyrone and his bass:

Tyrone Brown Trio

with Jimmy Bruno on guitar


Bass Brothers - Gary Karr and Tyrone Brown