Free Music

Bass Solos from the Music of Haydn

Symphony #6 - "Le Matin"

Symphony #7 - "Le Midi"

Symphony #8 - "Le Soir"

Symphony #31 - "Horn Signal"

Symphony #45 - "The Farewell"

Symphony #72

Konzert for Kontrabass

Dragonetti Duetto per Violoncello e Contrabbasso Score, Cello Part, Bass Part, pdf of original - I discovered this piece in Dragonetti's own hand at the Boston Public Library. This is an up to date edition that fixes errors in the pencil copy I made in 1976.

Gibbons Duet for Two Double Basses - This piece, originally for two viola da gambas, works very well for two basses and is very easy to play.

Vivaldi - These are two of the familiar Sonatas we've all played as intermediate bassists but I've transcribed them for the bass to sound at pitch using solo tuning. They lie surprisingly well on the bass.

Cello Sonata #3 in A minor

Cello Sonata #5 in E minor

Ravel Pièce en forme de Habanera

Piano Part - solo tuning

Piano Part - orchestra tuning

Bottesini Elegia - Thomas Martin graciously allowed me to upload an alternate take of the famous Bottesini Elegy. The piece appears on Vol. 2 of his Bottesini Series.