Robbie McIntosh 2019

McIntosh, Busan Model, 41 1/2" string length, 2019 - $35,000

This is Robbie's 13th bass. The top is made from slab cut, eastern white pine that came from floorboards in a home in Greenwich, NY, that was built in 1785. The back, sides, and scroll are made from cherry. As you can see the bass comes with an ebony fingered C extension with 4 gates. The bass is a copy of a 1749 Domenico Busan. The bass was entered into the makers competition at the 2019 ISB Convention at Indiana University and won a Certificate of Merit for Tone. The bass has that typical Venetian sound quality. It has a full, round bottom end but with a complex and dense mid-range and a clear, open top.