Products I sell:

Alter Ego USA - Specifications on the Alter Ego BASSO, babyBASSO, and Contrabbasso

Arvi Basses - Kai Johan Arvi, maker of fine double basses.

Mooradian Cover Company - The best cover in the business and the only one I sell.

Colleagues and Mentors:

David Gage String Instruments - luthier

Ham Strings Music - James Ham, maker of fine instruments.

Lynn Hannings Bows - bow maker and teacher

George Rubino Bows - bow maker and teacher

Gary Karr - virtuoso double bassist

University of New Hampshire's Violin Craftsmanship Institute


International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

Bob Gollihur's Upright Bass Links

New Jersey Capital Philharmonic

Please consider joining this wonderful organization -

International Society of Bassists