Modestly Priced Double Basses

Juzek (ca. 1940) - $10,000

Here is a very nice pre-war Juzek. It is in great condition and the neck has been modified to raise the projection. It has a warm, deep sound and would be great for the orchestral or Jazz musician. It has a 41 7/8" string length.

Bohemian Bass (ca. 1930) - $8,000

Another fine Czech or German bass from the early part of the 20th century. Set up with new Spirocors this bass has a lot of punch. A great all around bass!

Bohemian Bass (ca. 1910) - under restoration

Here is a nice 7/8 size German bass with an extended nut that allows for a shorter 40 3/4" string length. It also has a fingered C extension with Anzelotti capos. This bass has a full, deep sound with good projection. It comes with a Deluxe Mooradian cover and a wheel.

3/4 Rudoulf Doetsch - $7,500

This is an Eastman bass that has the label of Potter Violins in Maryland. It has a robust sound and is very easy to play. It has a 40 3/4" string length.

Moretti Model Double Basses

Here are some modestly priced basses that play and sound great. Made in China to the distributor's exacting specifications, these instruments are not merely bass shaped objects. They really sound and are a joy to play.

These basses feature:

• fully carved, moderately-flamed maple/spruce construction, with violin corners
• Mozambique blackwood ("ebony") in all the right places: board, net, saddle, endpin plug, and tailpiece
• forged brass tuning machines (individual, not plate tuners)
• maple bridges with hand-installed adjustable wheels (except 1/32 size); Despiau bridge upgrade available
• 10mm steel grooved endpin with removable rubber tip; endpin plug with nylon insert and brass collar/screw
• special setup requests available at no extra cost
• D'Arddario Kaplan strings (Custom-made up one octave for 1/16 and 1/32); with Bel Canto upgrades available for 3/4 in stock (other strings available as special order)

Available in 1/32-7/8 sizes. The smallest sizes have been developed in partnership with several members of the Suzuki Bass Committee, who are nearing completion of the new Suzuki method and are now turning to finding instrument solutions for ever-younger bass students.

Prices range from $1,200 to $4,600.

Another satisfied customer with the smallest 1/32 size double bass. The instrument is smaller than a 1/2 size cello and tuned an octave higher than a normally sized double bass.